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美国《旅游与闲暇》杂志网站报道:失业了?别担心,旅游可以是你拓展视野、锻炼新技能的好机会。Travel + Leisure Magazine 出炉了一份专为失业者准备的十大热门度假旅游胜地清单。(点击查看原文:Top Vacations for the Newly Unemployed

Farm Your Way Around the World



加入非盈利性组织--全球有机农田计划(Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms),你可以通过在全世界1,200处有机农场中的任意一家兼职务农,换取免费食宿。例如,去新西兰种猕猴桃,在学习自给自足基本能力的同时,还可以了解有机烹饪、替代能源的相关知识。 

Chuck that BlackBerry and learn how to grow the real thing (it’s a dark, juicy, sun-ripened fruit that grows on a vine, for those of you who have forgotten).

Where: Join the nonprofit network Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. In exchange for your room and board, usually in a family home, you’ll work part-time on one of 1,200 organic farms around the world. Grow kiwis in New Zealand, for example, while living in what the owners describe as an “idyllic” converted barn by the sea. Your hosts will teach you the basics of self-sufficient farming, organic cooking, and alternative energy—some farms even teach how to make organic wine, bread, and cheese. Bonus: this knowledge will come in handy if the economy gets any worse.

Price: Each country membership fee is around $40. A complete list of countries is available at www.wwoof.org.


Swap Your Life for Someone Else’s




So long as you still have a home, you can trade it.

Where: Home swapping allows you to exchange your house or apartment (and while you’re at it, your car and friends too) for someone else’s, anywhere in the world. Whether you trade for a 400-year-old stone house in medieval Padua or a ski condo in Aspen, you won’t pay a penny beyond the small registration fee. Meanwhile, your swap partners will take in your mail, water your plants, and feed your cat. They’ll be highly motivated to do a good job too, because you’re holding their home hostage.

Price: Use a reputable home-exchange service like HomeLink (800/638-3841 or 954/566-2687); registration fee is $20.


Sail Off Into the Sunset




Spend a budget winter on the sea, chasing the sun on a luxury yacht, and let the folks on Wall Street wonder what happened to you.

Where: If you’ve just been given the pink slip, your foremost worry probably isn’t how to make sure your yacht makes it from the Canary Islands to Ibiza without a scratch. But even in this economy, someone else is worrying about just that. Make their worries go away by volunteering to work with a yacht delivery crew. Find opportunities around the world through the classifieds on Crew File, a free Web resource that links yacht crews with sailing opportunities around the world. You don’t need sailing skills or experience. Captains will often accept novices, if they have the right attitude, and teach them everything they need to know to be a competent deckhand and day skipper.

Price: Some boats accept “donations” from volunteers, but you might even get paid if you find the right gig. Registration is free.


Cash In Your Investment In the National Parks




You’ve been paying taxes for years. You own the national parks—now you can enjoy them.

Where: Camp for a nominal fee, or stay in an inexpensive park cabin (usually about $30 a night) and take classes offered by the U.S. Park Service. Study the technical aspects of winter wildlife photography at Yellowstone National Park, learn new fishing techniques from the marine biologists at Biscayne, or hone your wilderness orienteering skills in the Great Smoky Mountains. Almost every park offers some kind of class, from printmaking with the park’s artist-in-residence to poetry workshops.

Price: Thanks to your taxpayer support, the fees range from next-to-nothing to nothing. Learn about programs at www.nps.gov.


Stretch Your Savings with Yoga Teacher Training



不论你身在何处、预算多少,总有一款瑜伽培训师课程适合你。但如果你手头富裕,选择在泰国苏梅岛学习Absolute Yoga吧,其中一些培训师以前就是投资银行家,他们肯定能理解你的处境。并且他们表示,多数毕业生4个月内就可以收回学费。

Striving, materialism, greed, and attachment—how did those work out for you? The antidote can be your new meal ticket.

Where: Yoga teacher training is available around the world at prices to suit any budget, but if you can afford it, do it in style at Absolute Yoga on Thailand’s palm-canopied Koh Samui island. Some of the instructors are former investment bankers, so they’ll know just where you’re coming from. Take classes in yoga philosophy, anatomy, Ayurveda, and meditation, then swim in the infinity pool, sweat out your toxins in the steam room, and enjoy a four-handed massage in the spa. They say that most graduates recoup the cost of the tuition within four months. Bonus: yoga’s a recession-proof career. The more stressed-out the world becomes, the more yoga it needs.

Price: The 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification Course, with accommodation and meals, costs about $5,000.


Do Good Works with Woodwork




如:学习基本的木工,取得流利西班牙语,并帮助有特殊需要的儿童的志愿活动在和平村中心的残疾儿童在圣埃伦娜Uairén日,在委内瑞拉的心脏萨巴纳香格里拉大国家公园。您可以帮助建设一个游乐场和治疗骑马设施,整修客房和花园,并了解木材和stoneworking技术。小型的,高海拔城市所包围云雾林,兰花, bromelias ,壮观的平顶高山,河流,和热带瀑布,享有完善,温带气候全年。您的主机将提供指导西班牙语会话的机会,同时也正式西班牙语班,一对一或团体。



Work with your hands and help children in need in a Venezuelan Peace Village.

Where: Learn basic carpentry, acquire fluent Spanish, and help children with special needs by volunteering at a Peace Village center for handicapped children in Santa Elena de Uairén in Venezuela, in the heart of La Gran Sabana National Park. You’ll help construct a playground and therapeutic horse-riding facilities, renovate rooms and gardens, and learn wood- and stoneworking techniques. The small, high-altitude town—surrounded by cloud forests, orchids, bromelias, spectacular flat-topped mountains, rivers, and tropical waterfalls—enjoys a perfect, temperate climate year-round. Your hosts will provide guided conversational Spanish language opportunities as well as formal Spanish classes, one-on-one or in groups.

Price: Accommodation and meals on the Peace Village grounds cost $750 for the first week and $230 for each additional week. Longer stays are encouraged.



Finish Your Novel in a Medieval French Village




Have a half-written novel sitting in your dresser drawer? Dust it off at a writers’ retreat in the Languedoc.

Where: Find inspiration at La Muse writers’ retreat in Labastide-Esparbairenque, in the heart of Cathar country in the Languedoc. Its location in a quiet, secluded medieval village means there are no distractions here beyond the rustic food, the local farmers’ markets, the nearby wineries, and the company of other writers. Bonus: writing a scathing roman à clef about your former employers will make you feel much better.

Price: Rates for three-week retreats range from $975 to $1,365, depending on the room. In winter, you can barter for your room by working several days a week—your tasks might include building stone walls or gardening.


Work the Slopes

Base Camp Group为世界各地不同消费能力的人提供滑雪培训师课程,课程结业後可以获得国际认可的滑雪教学资格证书。

Losing your job doesn’t mean you have to give up skiing. It just means you have to make skiing your life. Hardship duty, we know.

Where: The Base Camp Group (44-0-20-7243-6222) offers ski instructor training courses around the world from Banff to Verbier, at prices to suit every budget. It provides coaching on the slopes, exam preparation, instructor shadowing, work experience, and credentials in first aid and mountain safety. When you finish, you’ll have an internationally recognized qualification, and you’ll even get job-interview coaching and access to Base Camp’s extensive online job vacancy database.

Price: A six-week course averages about $5,000.


Become a Chef—Or Just Eat Like One


在佛罗伦萨以南山谷的Casa Ombuto豪宅里学习经典意大利菜肴的烹饪方法,例如意大利汤团、在烧柴的烤炉上做比萨等。你即使无法靠烹饪技找到新工作,至少会令你在朋友中倍受欢迎。

Immerse yourself in Italian culture while acquiring the world’s most lovable job skill.

Where: Study the classic repertoire of Italian cuisine at the Casa Ombuto, a restored luxury villa high in the tranquil hills of the Casentino valley, just south of Florence. You’ll make gnocchi, roll pasta, bake pizza in a wood-burning oven, prepare a wild boar with polenta, and whip up a warm lemon pie with Italian meringue—welcome additions to any job-seeker’s resume (and if these skills don’t get you a job, they will at least make you very popular). The cooking lessons don’t start until a civilized 3 p.m., so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the pool, the gardens of fruit trees, and the golden Tuscan sunshine.

Price: A one-week class is $2,750 (based on double occupancy), including all expenses apart from airfares.



Save the Whales, or Whatever Else Needs Saving


Your high-flying job left a Sasquatch-size carbon footprint. Repaying your debt to the planet will be more fun than running it up ever was.

Where: Protect the world’s endangered animals and habitats by volunteering with Earthwatch (800/776-0188; info@earthwatch.org). You’ll work with crackerjack scientists on a field research or conservation project in one of 50 countries around the world. You can band penguins in South Africa, tag endangered sea turtles on the beaches of the Pacific, or—our favorite—snorkel for science while monitoring coral reef health in the Bahamas. Paddling through the bathtub-warm, crystalline waters near San Salvador Island is bound to be a serious improvement over preparing the budget figures for the 10 a.m. marketing meeting.

Price: The cost of participating in a project ranges from $700 to $4,500, excluding airfare.

Kristen Ervick/EarthWatch.org



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